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The HardHeaded Lifting Club Blog

The HardHeaded Lifting Club Blog will cover everything you need to know in your fitness and success journey. Our blog will cover fitness topics about macros/ macro tracking, bulking vs cutting, how to efficiently go from skinny to jacked, and other topics that are important in someone’s fitness journey. Our blog will also cover personal development topics such as why we do a certain daily habits, why it is our responsibility to win in today’s society, as well as many other related topics that have to do with self-fulfillment from within rather than from without. 


The purpose of this blog is to help other like-minded people through similar struggles that we have overcame in the past. We want to serve those who support our brand and this is one of the ways we want to give back. We want to provide free information on topics that are sometimes hard to understand, grasp, and implement into our lives. We want to help others master their minds, bodies, and souls and provide resources that will help every reader become a better and more fulfilled individual. Our blog is for that younger or older person who feels that they are at a sticking point in their life. Whether this person is confused, unconfident, purposeless, unhappy with their body, or simply just need a little guidance or support in their journey. We want to be here for that person through all the ups and downs. 


Hopefully, you guys will be able to get some value from this blog and if you do get value from this blog all we ask you to do is share the blog with somebody you know. A friend or family member that might need to hear it. 


Thank you to all that support our growing brand. 


Keep killing it!  


Hayden and Hunter England. Founders of HardHeaded. 

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