Our Why


Relentlessly fighting and striving to become the best versions of themselves, The England Twins founded HardHeaded in 2020 as a way of creating a club for those who share the same visions as them. Their goal with the brand was to encourage, inspire, and elevate others that were struggling in their journeys. They ambitiously wanted to create a club of like-minded people who are in constant pursuit of becoming the best version of themselves. A club where we can serve as an asset to those who are never satisfied in their life. A club where people are so stubborn and so HardHeaded that they are willing to die before they let go of their visions, aspirations, and dreams. A club where we go to war for each other and pick each other up so that together we can do the impossible.

With Premium gym wear and accessories as the message, HardHeaded invites you to join the movement. To adopt a certain kind of mindset that is normally overlooked in today's society. A bulletproof mindset that allows you to withstand all hardships. A mindset that can't be messed with or picked apart. It's our dying passion to share our visions and to be a helping hand to those who are undergoing pain, suffering, loneliness, trauma, and other hard times that come with what we signed up for. Which is life.

We are here for anyone willing to go all in on their dreams. Those that are too HardHeaded to give up. Those that are willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want.

Everything you need is already inside of you. Sometimes you just need that nudge from others to make you jump into the deep end for this is where you are forged for your future. We must find, tune, and use the tools that are already inside of us to obliterate all our obstacles and not only move forward but to kill the process day in and day out.

Together, as one, we are Dead Set on Greatness. #DSOG
Not Everybody gets it. We do.

- Hayden and Hunter England: Founders