Our Core Values

1. We are loyal.

A lot of companies and people claim that they are loyal. We ensure that our actions are exactly in line with the word loyalty. We pride ourselves in knowing that we have each other's back. We are striving to build not a community of people, but a family of like-minded people who would go to war for one another. We are willing to go the extra mile for our fellow brothers and sisters to ensure that they are treated as family. Without loyalty, there would be no HardHeaded or family. We have got your back no matter who you are or where you come from.

2. We are driven.

There is a major difference between being motivated and being driven. Motivation can come and go like the rain and the sun. It is easy to be motivated when it is 75 degrees and sunny outside, but to be driven means we must not care what the weather is outside. We must be willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that we accomplish whatever task we set out to do. We don't make excuses, we make results.

3. We lead by example.

We strive to follow a consistent routine that allows us to take action and lead from the front of the pack. The only way to make a difference in your community is first holding yourself accountable and then offering a hand to those who are needing that little extra push to get started on their journey. We strive to do the work not so people can praise us for our accomplishments, but to motivate, encourage, and assist others in their journey. 

4. We go the extra mile and then some.

By all means possible we push to do whatever it takes to be successful in our personal life and others' lives as well. When any problem enters the equation we go above and beyond to ensure it is done correctly. We don't "kind of" do the job. We give 110% no matter if people are watching or not. Going the extra mile for others can be the difference in making a difference in somebody's life or not. As individuals we are faced with countless problems a day, we look these problems in the face and attack them, and do whatever it takes to get them taken care of. 

5. We accept responsibility. 

As humans, we are far from perfect. When we fall short we do everything in our power to take complete responsibility for ourselves. We take complete responsibility for the actions we did and didn't do and we try to do it better the next time. We hold each other and ourselves accountable for doing things the right way. No exceptions. 

6. We stay humble and hungry.

Humility is one of the best things you can have in anything you do in life. Remember every single one of the people you look up to have been in your shoes or have been a beginner at one time in their life. We must set our egos aside and be willing to look stupid or dumb for some time. When we are humble no matter how far we have come we remember that we still have a long road ahead and that we always have a chance to learn something new. When we stay open-minded, humble, and hungry we can keep moving forward to accomplish the impossible. 


7. We are selfless.

We strive to give more than we take. We always offer a helping hand to those that are a bit less fortunate than ourselves. We pride ourselves on doing the right thing no matter what it cost us. When we strive to do the right thing we don't expect anything in return we just keep moving forward so that we can help the next person that comes along. We go out of our way to bless others. Put yourself aside and focus on the bigger picture. 

8. We are energetic and enthusiastic.

We are enthusiastic about being a part of something bigger than ourselves. We bring energy and encouragement every single day. Some days we just aren't feeling it, but we have to dig deep within to find that purpose and energy to accomplish what we said we were going to get done. We bring others up not tear them down. We believe there are two ways of building the biggest building in town. One is tearing everybody else's down to leave your little building towering above or the better way is to simply build the biggest building and then bring resources in to help the other people build their buildings in town too.

9.  We build lifelong friendships and have fun while doing it.  

We are one big family. We strive to expand and build a family of like-minded people who want more for themselves and others as well. We get up every day to come to have fun and build something worthwhile. We communicate regularly, hold each other accountable, and most importantly help and build each other up all while we laugh and have fun with the journey. 

10. We are honest. 

We never lie, cheat, or steal. We do our best to be fair, honest, and trustworthy to everybody and anybody we come into contact with. When you are honest with yourself you can uncover a starting point and fully build upon this starting point. This is where you begin to see real growth in yourself. 

11. We are respectful. 

No matter who you are dealing with, it's vital to maintain integrity and treat them with great respect. We must treat others the way we would want to be treated. Even in situations where the opposing person doesn't deserve our respect, we must find it within ourselves to treat everybody equally and be as respectful as possible. 

12. We must importantly believe and have faith. 

We can't always see the path that is laid out before us, but we must believe in ourselves and the process that it takes to get to where we want to be. This one is hard for people sometimes because most of us are naturally doubtful, but we must believe in the bigger picture and we must do the daily habits that it takes to accomplish the goals we have set for ourselves. It's easy to quit when you don't see the results right away. It's easy to blame others. It's easy to say maybe this just isn't for me, but it is glorifying to know that you are doing every single thing for a specific reason. We need to realize and have faith that what we are doing today may not make a difference tomorrow, but it will eventually if you stay consistent. Therefore we believe in these core values, we believe in the purpose and plan, we believe in every single core value from 1 all the way to 12.